Beautiful Water Pchelin

Project overview

Beautiful Water Health Spa Resort is a wonderful emplaced development, close the regional capital of Kostenets, to the ski slopes of Borovets to the capital of Sofia and the cultural centre and antic town of Plovdiv.

As it is built on a slight southern hill you may enjoy the sun shine all day long. The principal views are to the South the Rila Mountains with the highest Bulgarian peak called Musala. And on the North it is surrounded by a gorgeous wreath of oak and pine trees.

The project is being built in the old and typical Bulgarian architectural style with all modern features. The facilities include a Bar, Treatment rooms with all kind of health treatments, Swimming pools indoor and outdoor, Jacuzzi, Sport facilities, a waste water cleaning plant with a certified European Standard etc..

All houses will be finished to a very high standard with laminated parquet flooring, PVC window frames in wooden style, fully fitted bathrooms and electric radiators through-out.

Quality and comfort are our main aims, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing stay with invigorating activity possibilities.

Development Name: Beautiful Water Health Spa Resort Village: Pchelinski Bani
Municipality: Kostenets
In Bulgarian Alphabets: Пчелин Бани Location: South-West Bulgaria
Province: Sofia District
Distance to capital city: 54.202 km from Sofia Latitude: 42.35N Longitude: 23.8E
Altitude: 500 - 699m above sea level
Type of development and planned number of each type of dwelling: 1 Health SPA Centre with 72 degree hot mineral water of proven welfare strength 16 semi detached Villa houses.
Estimated completion: First stage: March 2009 Final stage: December 2010

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