Beautiful Water Pchelin


Total plot size: 23’000 sqm
Development : 16 semi detached Villa houses and a Health Spa Centre 72 degree hot mineral water supply
Reservoir : central mineral water reservoir with a resumable capacity
Waste water : cleaning system working with TuV/CE approval
State License :
for the official use of mineral water at Beautiful Water Resort available.

Complete built up area in sqm net :
Semi detached Villa houses : 16x278 sqm = 4’448 sqm
Health Spa Centre : 600 sqm
Total: 5`048 sqm

Construction and materials used:

The buildings provided will be all from solid construction. They are built to fulfill all legal requirements valid in the state and as well after Swiss guidelines.
A solid iron concrete construction, with line foundation and with partitions from solid clay bricks and glass concrete blocks are built. All used building materials are certified according to the European Union requirements.
The installations are hidden and thermally insulated. The electricity installations are installed into arranged pipes, which facilitates the maintenance and possible repair work.
The outside door- and window frameworks are are adapted by colour to the outside wall and are made of PVC, aluminium and wood. The internal door- and window frameworks are made of wood or from laminated parts.
The floor surface is laid out with granite stone plates, commercial laminates in the wet zones or wood parquet linings in the living zones.
The external wall plaster is classic and partial polymere with wood interpretation, according to the architectural project.
The roof is steeply, provided with clay bricks and down-hanging external borders. This architectural style is typically Bulgarian and offers an ideal protection from the summer heat and winter cold.
For each house local air conditioning systems, a throughout fitted heating system and a furniture equipment according to western standard are intended.
The Villa park will have the necessary number of parking lots, perfectly manufactured approach road ways, as well as appropriate vertical planing. Likewise it will contain a children's playground, outer fences and swimming pools . All these mechanisms will secure an unforgettable vacation.
The plot is supplied with fresh- and mineral- water and electricity. Only new distributors for the individual buildings are attached. The waste water disposal is solved through a specialised waste water purification plant. It is made with German origin and it is the only one in the region. The waste water can be decomposed by a new technology and led back afterwards into drains of the community in Pchelinski Bani.
The waste disposal is regulated with the local community of Kostenets and Pchelinski Bani. All waste is collected in particularly containers intended for it and led into a national refuse dump. For the strict conversion of these requirements the employees of our company are trained in detail.

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