Beautiful Water Pchelin

Why Pchelin

to Beautiful Water Health Spa Resort, Pchelinski Bani, Bulgaria

The popularity of the Pchelinski mineral springs dates back to ancient times. According to legends, soldiers of the Bulgarian King Samouil, as well as Bulgarian rioters during the Ottoman rule later on (so-called "haiduti") used to come here to have their wounds healed. Moreover, local people tell stories of a childless woman who gave birth to long-cherished children after taking a bath in the mineral waters of Pchelin.

A calm and pretty place, very centra! and convenient to reach, 70 km from the capital Sofia, 20 km from the very well developed ski resort of Borovets and 15 km from a 18 hole golf course in Ihtiman. Located at the foot of the Rila mountains, in the middle Ihtiman Balkan hills, with splendid nature and with mineral water sources from proven welfare strength.

Pchelinski Bani is simply a pearl for the development of a local recreation area close to the capital Sofia, as for the development of a high-quality Health Spa Resort according to Western European requirements. The unique and proven welfare effect of the mineral water, which attracts many people from all over Europe serves for curing different sufferings and is well appreciated for prophylaxis reasons. ( water certificate )

We are in possession of a license for the nationally granted use of the mineral water for the period of the next 20 years. The interest and the commitment of many investors, European insurance companies and hotel chains in the region increased enormously, due to the excellent conditions in Pchelinski Bani. The whole region will experience an up-coming boom in Tourism specialized for welfare, recreation and rehabilitation.

Beautiful Water Resort

Since a while 16 twin-attached houses including garages and a Health Spa Center are under construction. By the end of December 2008 the first phase with the Health Spa Centre as a heart of the development together with six villa houses will be ready to use... next

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